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Gulf Consulting House
GCH was established since the year 2000 to offer a wide range of professional consulting services under one Umbrella. GCH is associated with a highly qualified knowledgeable and experienced group of Consultants having knowledge in the fields of financial, Economic, Investment, legal and Managerial aspects of business.


KSA:+966 (13)8873041
Bahrain: +973 (17)558755

The following represents the professional services of Economic Consulting Division in Gulf Consulting House
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Studies and Field Investigations
  • Trademark Registration
  • Development of Industrial and Services Projects and Joint Venture Agreement.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an evaluation or analysis of the potential impact of a proposed project or business to ascertain the likelihood of the project's success. It provides a complete analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. Successful (new/ exiting) businesses require an extensive knowledge about the main areas in the market, technical or financial sides, which you can find in our feasibility study. GCH provides you with customers requirements, competition advantages, marketing strategies technical requirements and financial indicators to ensure the success and sustainability of the operations.
GCH offers its services in conducting feasibility studies which includes:

1- Market Analysis

It studies number of elements such as Product, Demand and Supply, Competitors, Clients, Market Segmentations and Trend, Marketing Strategies, SWOT Analysis…..etc.

2- Technical Analysis

This part studies Products Design and Features, Raw Materials, Operations Flow, Facility Layouts, Location, Machines, Human Resources…..etc.

3- Financial Analysis

This part covers Total Project Costs, Financial Projections, Financial Indicators…..etc.

Business Plan

Whether you are planning a new business venture or reviewing your business direction or securing funding from investors, you need to develop a business plan. GCH helps you in preparing a business plan through direct your thinking about your business. We assist you in recognizing the market direction and determining the probable opportunities and risk internally and externally of your organization.

GCH helps you in developing organizational strategies for the following years in order to determine your necessary actions that could reach you to more competitive position in the market by comparing your business against the competitors and evaluating the real customers’ needs. We provide you with a comprehensive actions plan which can guide your work though few steps you need to develop in order to achieve your target.

Marketing Strategy

GCH provides a comprehensive Marketing Strategy which assists the organizations to find the best competitive position in the market through a genuine scan and by using the diversified approaches. Marketing is crucial for the success of companies spread which means the more realistic the marketing plan is the greater will be the success probabilities in the implementation of this function, which is essential to the management process.

The main elements of our service of developing market strategy are:
  • Vision and Mission Development
  • Market Segmentation and Targeting
  • Advertising Strategy and Media Optimization
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Sales and Channel Strategy Development
  • Price Positioning.


  • Steel Factory for Sale NEW..
    One of our clients is planing to put his Steel factory for Sale in 1st Industrial Area - Dammam
    For further information / enquiries in this regard, please contact on our landline number +966 13 8873041

  • New partnership - Levtech / ERP solutions NEW..
    Techlink has been honored to start an official partnership with Levtech Consulting; Levtech Consulting is a leading business consulting firm servicing organizations

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified NEW..
    GCH is pleased to announce that a unique ISO 9001:2008 has been obtained in the field of "Consultancy Services related to Foreign Investment Registration for companies & embassies,

  • New Classification Criteria
    The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)